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       As time flies, the busy 2013 has passed and the exciting 2014 is coming. New Year means new hope and targets. All the employees of DaTongLongYuan have gathered at Beijing ICBC training center situated at Fangshan District on January 8, 2014 merrily to summarize the achievements and drawbacks in the past 4 years and look into direction and target of the incoming year collectively. Not only all the employees of the Company have participated in the annual meeting actively, distinguished guests of supporters are also invited to this meeting to gather together and enjoy happiness with us.

       The agenda of the annual meeting is divided into 3 chapters: 

    Chapter I: summary conference of the Company

      This annual meeting is chaired by Wan Ping, General Manager of the Company, who has delivered the work summary report of the Company in 2013 and illustrated comprehensive planning and arrangement about the Company’s development in 2014 in the beginning of this meeting. Then Mr. Wei, general consultant of the Company, has proposed four “Hopes” in its speech outline, namely “Hope that all the things are under certain rules; hope that all the things are under the charge of people; hope that all the things are well documented; hope that all the things are properly supervised”, putting forward higher requirements for the future development. After it, Mr. Yin, supervision consultant, and Mr. Li, director of the Company, have delivered wonderful speeches respectively. In their speech, Company leaders have not only praised the contribution of all the employees to the Company, but more importantly, depicted the grand blueprint about the Company’s development in 2014. At the end, General Manager has encouraged all of the employees to work hard together in the year of 2014 and endeavor to make breakthrough and create new high again in the first fifth anniversary of the Company.

            Group photo of all the employees               Employees present at the meeting 

    Chapter II: dinner party of employees 

      After the end of summary meeting, participants have conducted simple free activities and taken part in the heated dinner party that night. 

     Group photo of dinner party (I)         Group photo of dinner party (II)

    Chapter III: game+lucky draw

       At the same night after dinner party, all of us have gathered at recreational center excitingly to take part in the third link of annual meeting: game+lucky draw. By setting the first prize, second prize and third prize and conducting rich and wonderful interactive games alternately, this chapter has attracted great enthusiasm from every one, who has rushed to take part in this activity. Exciting lucky draw link, incessant laughter, applause and cheers have marked the successful ending of this annual meeting under the harmonious, warm and cheerful atmosphere.

     Interactive games                                Happy winners 

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