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2013 steel ball mill energy-saving reform seminar a success

   On December 6, 2013, “Seminar on Energy Conservation Transformation of Ball Mill” co-sponsored by Datang International Xiahuayuan Power Plant and Beijing DaTongLongYuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Yuandian Hotel and people present at the seminar include leaders of Datang International, Xiahuayuan Power Plant and power generation department, working personnel of equipment department, experts of North China Electric Power Research Institute, General Manager of Beijing DaTongLongYuan, etc.

  Purposes of this seminar are to summarize the experiences about successful energy saving transformation of ball mill and steps for further improvement after transformation and reach a consensus on further promotion.

   Firstly, General Manager of DaTongLongYuan has introduced the application of fewer-ball energy saving technology of ball mill in the power industry and transformation process this time. 

Wan Ping, General Manager of DaTongLongYuan 

   Leaders of power generation department and equipment department of Xiahuayuan Power Plant are quite satisfied with the transformation results and proposed suggestions for further perfection.

   Energy-saving specialist engineers of Xiahuayuan Power Plant have read out performance test report of North China Electric Power Research Institute, in which performance indexes and economic benefits have far beyond expectations . 

   Maturity of fewer-ball energy saving technology of ball mill and necessity of its wide application in the Power Plants has been confirmed by experts of North China Electric Power Research Institute. 

   Leaders of Xiahuayuan Power Plant have fully praised the transformation results and suggested that relevant departments of the Power Plant and Beijing DaTongLongYuan summarize successful experiences, modify and perfect details so as to lay a solid foundation for further promotion inside the plant. 

   It is concluded by Datang International leaders that energy-saving projects are always supported by superior leaders and relevant departments and the successful transformation is well qualified to apply for science and technology achievement award. 

Participants of DaTongLongYuan Company at the seminar

  Participants in the ball mill seminar this time are highly representative and this seminar has achieved anticipated effects and came to an end successfully under the harmonious atmosphere and full exchange conditions. 

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