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    Indonesia Teluk Sirih power plant Electrode replac


           Beijing Datong Longyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (PT.DATONG JAYA INDONESIA) overhauled the replacement electrode for the TELUK SIRIH power plant (2 x 112MW) sodium hypochlorite generator in North Sumatra province of Indonesia from April 15, 2018 to April 26, 2018. The dragon source is responsible for the coordination of procurement, transportation, installation and commissioning. Work. Replacement of sodium hypochlorite generator equipment type: LHB-55, yield: 55Kg/h, sea water flow: 55 cubic /h, working current: 1710A DC.

    I、Before repair, the equipment current can not reach 400A and the electrode damage is serious.

    II、After replacement, the electrode is restored and the current is restored to normal value, reaching 1700A.

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