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    Jiangyin Sulong Thermo-electricity Co., Ltd. (Mod

     Jiangyin Sulong Thermo-electricity Co., Ltd.

     (Modification of Coal Blockage of Raw Coal Bunker) 

     Jiangsu Jiangyin Sulong Thermo-electricity Co., Ltd. has built its own coal preparation plant, sold good coal that is well screened to the market and used the poor coal, mainly peat and inferior coal remained after washing with percentage of blending greater than 60% by the company. Moreover, due to large rainfall capacity in the local area, wall of coal bunker tends to harden, causing coal blockage in the raw coal bunker. In 2013, this plant has introduced the activated rotary dredging device made by our Company and modified 20 raw coal bunkers. The equipment operates safely and stably under the timing, automatic and remote operation mode, without requiring manual beating. 

    Raw coal bunker before modification
      Coal bunder afere the modification of No.1,2,3 and 4 unit


                       Coal bunker after the modification of No. 5 unit                                 Coal bunker after the modification of No. 6 unit

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