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    1. Would excessive hardness of steel ball damage the lining plate? 

    With regard to damage of steel ball to lining plate, as steel ball with large diameter (Φ100, Φ90) used inside coal mill will damage the lining plate due to excessive impact force, resulting in breakage and falling off. But lining plate will remain undamaged if steel balls with their diameter in the scope of normal specification are used. Actual wear and tear of lining plate is chiefly represented by wear and tear of materials and weathered coal. Under the normal operation of coal mill, there are materials between steel ball and lining plate and between steel balls and such materials do not directly contact and abrade with lining plate. Meanwhile, if difference of hardness between steel ball and lining plate is controlled properly, it can improve output instead of causing excessive wear and tear and damage to lining plate.

    2. Is output decreased when coal type varies greatly? 

    As long as the steel ball proportion is properly designed and the types of coal that can be handled by low-to-medium chromium steel ball before the transformation, the ultra high chromium steel ball with better material and more reasonable proportion design would only perform better. When coal type or quality varies, variation trend of coal mills transformed and those untransformed is basically the same and energy-saving proportion can still be preserved when compared with coal mill that is not transformed.

    3. Is the ball consumption of ultra high chromium ball necessarily lower than that of common high chromium ball or medium chromium ball? Would ball consumption be affected by coal quality? 

    Chrome contents are in inverse proportion to ball consumption. Thanks to our material and special treatment process, ball consumption will be reduced to a certain degree. For the time being, the number of balls added for coal mill not transformed and coal mill transformed every month is 2.5-3t and 1.2t respectively. In addition, coal quality is not the main factor affecting ball consumption; instead, its main factor is wearability coefficient of coal quality. In general, ball consumption is not greater than 60g/t.

    4. Would reduced ball load and current influence the output of coal mill?

    Output is the premise. Ensure output before reducing current and improving the pulverized coal fineness. Firstly, design ball load and proportion are critical; secondly, subsequent service is critical. Regardless of steel ball material, ball load and proportion, the output will be influenced when ball supplement or adding is necessary after operating for a certain period of time yet such supplement or adding is not performed in time. At the same time, difference of internal and external hardness of steel ball our Company use is less than 1 and non-circularity of steel ball is low, thereby ensuring pulverization efficiency effectively.

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